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Salomon Extend Boot Gearbag

Regular price $59.99

The Extend Gearbag is ventilated and handily carries boots and gloves to the lodge. It also includes an integrated floor mat for changing into boots.

A dependable and straightforward design that consistently functions well and a ventilated compartment to speed up drying time.


What makes this bag tick?

·      Padded floor mat to keep feet dry when changing into or out of wet or snow covered boots.

·      A mesh ventilation window to speed up the drying time.

·      Goggle and Glove pocket

·      Waterproof bottom

·      Name Label

·      33 Litres

·      33cm x 23cm x 38cm

·      Body: 100% Polyester

·      Foam: 100% Polyethylene

·      Lining: 100% Polyethylene

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