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K2 Anthem 82 2020 + ERC Binding

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This versatile ski has you covered all day long.

The Anthem 82 is the jam packed ski designed for the skier wanting to search every nook and cranny to find those last precious patches of fresh corduroy. As the harder morning snow transitions into afternoon slush, this quick-turning ski has all the versatility you need, with an extra dash of stability thanks to its wider waist. Stance Forward Geometry, Correct Flex inserts, and K2’s performance-driven speed rocker make sure you’re ready to handle whatever comes your way.


What makes this ski tick?

  • Speed Rocker

  • 14m Ski Radius

  • Fir/Aspen Bio-Konic Core

  • Carbon Construction

  • 129-82-111

Includes Marker ERC 11 Binding.

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