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Lib Tech Apex Orca 2022

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Apex Orca, as the name would suggest, the very top of the foodchain.

Kinda like dropping another 1000HP into your already extremely fast Ferrari. Some would say..why bother? Well why not.

It's an Orca on steriods. If you're after the very top end Travis Pow Masher, this is the board for you.

Reach the Apex of your Freeriding. BOOM!


What makes this board tick? 

·      Best core: 20% Paulonia / 30% Aspen / 40% Recycled PET Bottles and 10% Balsa

·      Best wrap: Spread Toe Carbon, 33 degree Carbon Mesh, 5 Glass Strips and Full Tri-AX.

·      Best Top Sheet: Bio Beans

·      Best Base: Eco-Sublimated Sintered

·      Best Profiled Core: Mega Spin, slim profiled tip and tail.

·      Best Hybrid profile: XC2. Travis’s freeride camber of choice. Floats endless pow and pillow lines, adds trench marks to resort groomers. Stop it.

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