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Lib Tech

Lib Tech Orca SplitBoard 2022

Lib Tech Orca SplitBoard 2022

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The beauty of a whale tail, pow slashing, nose floating, ice busting board just got access to the highest of peaks and the deepest of backcountry.

The Orca now filleted in two for fast climbing and more manoeuvrability with a shorter length but not hindering any performance.

Less than 8 of these heading for Australia, we have 2 boards reserved for the store. 


What makes this board tick? 

·      The best Karakoram ultra clips

·      Ultra Light SC construction, aspen and paulownia

·      Fiber reinforced insert array

·      Bio beans top

·      Magnatraction

·      C2x Banana Technology

·      Super fast, sintered base

·      3-D integrated tip inserts

·      Thinned out tips and tail to remove so excess weight.  

·      Waist width 26.5cm, Side cut 8M, Flex 7/10


ORCA SIZING: Ride this board 3cm shorter than your normal board due to the bigger volume in a smaller package.

Artwork by Mike Parillo

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