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Lib Tech

Lib Tech Skate Banana 2023

Lib Tech Skate Banana 2023

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Lib Tech Skate Banana 2023

It’s like the gift that keeps on giving..the Skate Banana is STILL one of the funnest boards you will ever ride. The board that started the revolution continues to wow first timers and seasoned pros. Super easy to ride, yet enough punch to handle landings for pro 22/23 Lib Tech Skate Banana Riders like Brandon Reis. Check any of his edits to see what’s possible on this board!! Smash the park, send every side hit, belt the backcountry. The Original Skate Nana has you covered!

What makes this board tick?

·      Original Power Construction with Paulonia / Aspen core

·      Tri/Bi ax glass

·      Tough Fast and easy to maintain TNT base

·      Killer photo collage from Ryan Davis on the Eco Sublimated Top Sheet





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