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Nitro FinTwin 2023

Nitro FinTwin 2023

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Shorter, Quicker, Surfy.

The inspiration behind the FinTwin shape comes from the early surf shape exploration in the 1940’s where utilising parallel-twin keels helps hold your rail through the surface instead of dragging to give you that quick edge to edge movement without sacrificing control and speed. The FinTwin in surfing means a surfboard with two fins and no centre fin allowing you to go from rail to rail easily, the Quiver FinTwin has two elongated swallow tail fins allowing the slash-happy snow surfer to really hold an edge when slicing through a fresh pow face either on your toe side or heel side providing a similar surf feel. The Tapered Shape, Cam-Out Camber and Sintered Speed Formula II Base will provide you with the snap and speed you need for getting more slashes in on your way down the mountain, while the Mid-Wide width and Progressive sidecut will allow you to rip turns on the fresh groomers as well. This timeless surf shaped shortboard allows for quick turns and epic float for snowboarders, men, and women all over the world!


What makes this board tick?

·        Flex 7/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

·        Shape: Swallowtail

·        Camber: Cam-Out

·        Width: Mid-wide

·        Sidecut: Progressive

·        Powercore

·        Bi-lite Laminates

·        Sintered Speed Formula II Base

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