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Burton Process 2024

Burton Process 2024

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Mark McMorris's Favourite Board (Record for most Winter Xgames Medals)

The 2024 Burton Process stands out year-after-year as a perfect stepping stone for anyone looking to progress their freestyle skills. Designed to meet the pro end demands of Burton pro rider Mark McMorris but while still being a friendly enough ride for the everyday rider, the Process is a well oiled freestyle machine that can just about to it all on the mountain. Coming in a user friendly PurePop bend and softer flexing core, you get all the response you need while not being too aggressive underfoot without losing out on the pop and precision you need in your riding. From hitting rails for the first time to quad corks at the Olympics, you can do it all on the Process.


What makes this board tick?

  • Skill Level: Intermediate
  • Camber Type: (PurePop) An evolution of traditional camber, PurePop places subtle flat zones outside your feet to amplify pop and add a more playful feeling to the camber. Early rise tip and tail get your contact points out of the snow quicker, reducing catch and enhancing float.
  • Flex: 3.5/10 (1 = soft, 10 = stiff) (Twin Flex) - This board flexes the same in the nose and tail, allowing you to ride, pop, and press the same in regular and switch.
  • Shape: (Twin) Constructed exactly the same tip to tail, this board is designed to provide consistent performance when riding in both switch and regular.
  • Core: Super Fly II 700G - This core features stronger and lighter woods targeted in specific areas, which provides more pop and strength while reducing weight. Dualzone EGD - The wood grain of the core is positioned along the heel and toe edge in two unbroken zones perpendicular to the rest of the core, which gives consistent edge hold and strength. Triax Glass - This triaxial fibreglass creates a versatile flex and consistent response for performance across all types of snowboarding. Squeezebox - Squeezebox consists of thicker, more powerful sections combined with thinner, more flexible sections profiled throughout the core. This enhances energy transfer and makes the board snappier and more stable.
  • Base: (Sintered) This base made from a durable and highly porous base material that provides added strength and wax absorption for long lasting glide.


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