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Anon M2 Lens only

Regular price $109.99

Customize your Anon M2 goggles for any condition by adding a bonus lens to your collection.

Get the right lens for the conditions. Anon offers an extensive selection of bonus goggle lenses in various tints for adapting the Anon M2 goggles to any weather condition. All Anon lenses feature Integral Clarity Technology anti-fog treatment for crystal clear view in any condition.

What makes this lens tick?

·      Designed to fit Anon M2 Goggles

·      Spheric Injected Lens design mimics the curvature of the human eye for enhanced clarity

·      Integral Clarity Technology Anti-Fog exceeds basic anti-fog treatment standards, delivering crystal clear vision that lasts for an extended period of time

·      Lens compression case included

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