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Dragon PXV Photochromic

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Dragon Photo chomromatic lens is the answer to one lens that does it all!!

LUMALENS® Photochromic adaptive goggle lenses are eyewear equipment that give you a visual advantage. The adaptive lenses automatically change colour and tint in response to changing light and weather conditions. You will experience:


Self-Adjusting Tint

Ordinary goggle lenses always remain one static level of tint– which is why they can seem too dark on cloudy days or not dark enough in sunny conditions. LUMALENS® Photochromic adaptive goggle lenses automatically darken in bright sunlight and lighten in overcast/cloudy weather. The process is so seamless that you don’t even notice the tint changing.


Colour Optimization

In various lighting conditions, certain colours can enhance vision. LUMALENS® Photochromic adaptive goggle lenses change from one tint and colour in low light to darker tint and colour in bright light (light yellow to dark gray). The yellow base tint of Dragon LUMALENS® Photochromic adaptive goggle lenses has been shown to enhance contrast in cloudy or foggy conditions. The activated gray tint is best for providing contrast and comfort in bright light conditions.


What makes this goggle tick?


• Protection from harmful UV rays

• Colour Optimization

• Clear, comfortable vision all day long

• Reduced squinting, straining and eye fatigue

• Self-Adjusting Tint: One lens for those variable days

Drop instore and grab a set to test outside

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