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Lib Tech Orca 2022

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Plenty of width for face scraping groomer hacks, and obviously volume shifted, so you can ride them shorter and turn ‘em faster.



Grab an Orca = have more fun. Sure its “ideal” conditions might be waist deep flooff in Japan, but trust me you will still have an absolute ball ripping Thredbo or Perisher resort laps on this versatile quiver killer.



Orca, Orca, Orca... Oi! Oi! Oi!









What makes this board tick? 



·      Full Horsepower construction: 60% Aspen / 40% Paulonia core



·      Tri-av / Bi-ax glass weave with Basalt Alloy



·      Bio beans Top Sheet



·      Sintered Knife Cut base.




ORCA SIZING: Ride this board 3cm shorter than your normal board due to the bigger volume in a smaller package.



Artwork by Mike Parillo depicting echo location (sonar) that these magnificent animals possess.




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