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Rome Shift

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Light, Smooth and comfortable the Rome shift is an incredible ladies binding.

Designed for the intermediate to advanced rider the Rome Shift is packed with fantastic features. The EVA SubBase pad dampens your ride allowing for that cushioned feel between the board and binding. The Full Highback Rotation means you can align the highback with your heel edge for better response.


What makes this binding tick?

·      Flex  Rating – 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)

·      Full Highback Rotation – Put your power where you want it, not where some binding company thinks you should be forced to have it. Rome believes in highback rotation 100% -- when Rome started designing bindings 14 years ago, this was one of the must-have features. With a range of 0 to 24 degrees, every Rome binding has highback rotation so riders can align their highbacks with the heel edge. This delivers direct power on heelsides.

·      ConFormist Toe Strap – Rome's basic strap is better than many other brands' high end retention.

·      Contour Ankle Strap – Flexible, low profile and 3D shaped to nest around your ankle.

·      EVA SubBase Pad – 3D EVA and rubber fill the lifted corners of the baseplate for cushioning. This creates the smoothest side-to-side flex while allowing for a dampening barrier between the baseplate and topsheet of the snowboard.

·      Multiple Strap Positions – Every Rome binding comes with 3 or more strap positions so you can customize the level of strap support you want.

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