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Rossignol Temptation 80 + Xpress W 11 GW B83

Rossignol Temptation 80 + Xpress W 11 GW B83

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A dream combination for the hard charging groomer girl.


Indulge yourself with Rossignol's Temptation 80 Skis this winter. Made with an ultra-light wood core and Auto Turn Rocker construction, these sticks will tempt you to push your limits. With a narrow 80mm waist width, these babies excel on groomers, giving you the confidence to master your carve and cut through any variable conditions you may stumble upon. Paired with Xpress 11 Bindings, that can be adjusted to fit a variety of sizes, this is a perfect set up for intermediate ladies.

What Makes These Skis Tick?

  • Extended Sidecut: The longer sidecut continues beyond the contact point where the tip and tail rocker begins, improving high speed grip while simultaneously improving low-speed handling. As speeds and edge angles increase more of the sidecut is engaged resulting in powerful full length edge grip. At lower speeds and edge angles the sidecut is less engaged for more maneuverability and ease.


  • Auto Turn Rocker: The most versatile rocker and camber blend now features a longer, more progressive tip profile for increased stability and hard-snow precision. Traditional camber through 70% of the ski retains the power, energy, and edge grip for confident on-trail performance; while moderate tip and tail rocker encourages effortless carved turns, easy steering and instant speed control in all snow conditions.


  • Central Dual Tech: Combining the best features of sandwich and cap construction. The cap increases the ski's durability and facilitates rebound while the traditional sidewalls underfoot produce crisp, direct edging pressure. The benefits of the combined constructions yeild smooth flex and strong edging for comfortable control. Grip, Ease, Durability.


  • Air Tip: A patented technology exclusive to Rossignol! The tip is filled with air for maximum lightness and built to retain excellent torsional rigidity. The ski's weight is redistributed, freeing the tip and tail of the ski and providing greater ease, safety and versatility. The center of gravity is closer to the center of the ski, concentrating power under the skier's feet.

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