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Salomon Pact Helmet

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Salomon Pact Helmet.

Double certified for both alpine and bike standards, and upgraded to meet the latest safety technologies, this helmet keeps young heads safe no matter how they chose to push their limits. Easy to adjust and perfectly ventilated to prevent goggles from fogging, strap it on, get out and chase that thrill!


What makes this helmet tick?

·      Advanced protection: Salomon’s patented EPS4D technology maximizes energy absorption and protects your head more efficiently from oblique and vertical shocks, for safety while skiing and biking.

·      Custom fit: Custom dial is a quick, easy and effective adjustment system which allows you to fine-tune the fit of your helmet within seconds.

·      Climate control: The EPS4D internal airflow system keeps your head cool all-day long while the strategically placed front channels optimize airflow to the goggles and prevent fogging.

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