Toko Textile Wash Duo Pack

Toko Textile Wash Duo Pack

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Toko Textile EcoWash:
Used to restore or enhance performance of non-elastic hard shell outerwear. Stubborn dirt stains are thoroughly dissolved and removed with special active-wash components.

What makes this wash tick?

·      Ideal for breathable and other textile fabrics

·      Restores the optimal functionality of membrane textiles (e.g. GORE-TEX®)

·      Caring and thorough cleaning by carefully selected, active washing substances

·      Contains no dyes, optical bleaches,whiteners or phosphates

·      Based on renewable raw materials

·      Very biodegradable

·      Also effective at low wash temperatures

·      Dermatologically tested

·      Concentrate – One 250ml bottle is sufficient for around 8 washes

Toko Textile Proof: 
The best possible solution for waterproofing protection for outwear. Thanks to its fluorine components, TOKO Textile Proof is extremely water and dirt-repellent, offering very reliable and long-lasting protection for your equipment.

What makes this proof tick?:

·      Ideal for breathable and other textile fabrics

·      Preserves the breathability of modern membrane textiles (e.g. GORE-TEX®)

·      Latest research findings guarantee best possible impregnation values

·      Makes the fabric water resistant and dirt repellent

·      Simple to use and goes a long way

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