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Yes Basic Uninc RDM 2022

Product image 1Yes Basic Uninc RDM 2022
Product image 2Yes Basic Uninc RDM 2022

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The taste is sweet but it’s now even sweeter

The Basic RDM rocks full camber with slam back inserts so if you need to take this baby deep in the woods on a pow day you’re not going to bog the nose. The UnderBite outline extracts more arc, more hold and a better carving experience out of every design we apply it to and the Basic was the genesis of it all. 


What makes this board tick?

  • True Twin

  • Slamback inserts

  • Camrock

  • Underbite edges re-distribute a rider’s weight in such a way that it enhances turning ease and edge hold. Creating divots inward at the binding area reduces and disrupts the surface area of the edge that has contact with the snow while the board is turning. This increases the edge pressure by distributing your weight/energy in the areas where you need it – from the binding out, and through the centre of the board where the carving arc is taking place. This segmentation of the sidecut into 3 key zones focuses your body weight onto areas that initiate, hold and release turns.

  • Full Poplar baseline core

  • Extruded base materials: A quicker material that gets up to speeds faster than sintered when waxed correctly.

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