Wollongong Hire

Hire locally! Save time for on the slopes and avoid the rental queues at the resorts. 

Booking early ensures you secure the best gear.


Snow hire rates are charged per days on snow, where you get 2 free travel days: the drive up and the drive back. Example: taking the gear for 5 days would be a 3 day hire charge. 

 Thursday night is special. You can pick up anytime Thursday and return on Monday for just a 2 day hire charge.



Please note: The law requires you to carry properly fitting snow chains for your tyres whenever you enter the Kosciuszko National Park (chains not required by law for travel to the Ski tube and 4WD vehicles are exempt) 

Make sure you know how to fit the chains properly, and always fit chains to the drive wheels of your car. Take care when fitting chains on the roadside and observe all regular road regulations and directions. TIP:

  1. When hiring chains, first know the tyre code and dimensions which are found on the outside of your tyres
  2. Pack a waterproof blanket to lie on and keep your gloves accessible
  3. Practice fitting the chains before leaving home or at the hire outlet (Steve’s Snow Store staff will give you a demonstration at the time of collecting)