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Atomic AMT SQS W Poles

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Atomic AMT SQS W is a light, strong, aluminum ski pole for all-mountain adventures, with a special women’s grip and SQS safety release system to prevent injuries.

The Atomic AMT SQS W pole is just so versatile – a light, strong, reliable pole for any adventure you care to take on. The Atomic SQS is our proprietary Safety Quick Release System that instantly releases your strap under tension to prevent injuries. The pole is made from 4* aluminum with a special cork injected grip that’s smaller and specially designed for female skiers. Plus a padded strap, 60mm piste basket and steel tip.


What makes this pole tick?

  • SQS - Safety Quick Release System

  • 4* Aluminum Pole Technology

  • Ergonomic S-Fit

  • Ergonomic AMT Grip (2K)

  • Premium Strap

  • Piste Basket (60mm)

  • Steel Tip

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