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Burton Lexa Women's Binding 2023

Burton Lexa Women's Binding 2023

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Pro-caliber control for the entire mountain updated for even lighter, more responsive


Experience comfort and response in the women's Burton Lexa X Re:Flex Snowboard Binding.

This shred-it-all binding offers top features like a Hammock ankle strap and Heel Hammock

hi-back for enhanced hold and response. The FullBED cushioning sets a high standard for

comfort, while freestyle-minded zero forward lean is micro-adjustable for the ideal stance.

The Re:FlexTM version is compatible with any board mounting system.


What makes this binding tick?

● Asym Hammockstrap has a durable and low-profile design with an asymmetrical pad

and spine shape that wraps the boot for outstanding response

● Supergrip Capstrap 2.0 toe strap is fully injected to reduce waste and features a

rubber overmold to keep the strap in place and increase grip while wrapping over the

toebox of the boot

● Re:Flex FullBED cushioning system provides full underfoot cushioning, maximizing

comfort while minimizing fatigue, and features a trap-door design for easy-access to

mounting hardware

● B3 gel cushioning is formulated to not harden in cold temperatures and can

withstand repeated impacts without breaking down

● Single-component baseplate construction features one material throughout,

providing consistent response and feel while riding on any terrain

● Nylon composite material blended with 30% short-glass provides playful response

● Re:Flex mounting system dramatically improves board flex and feel while also

reducing weight

● Heel Hammock features reinforced rubbery material that wraps the boot heel,

providing complete suspension for lightning fast response

● DialFLAD system features a rotating dial for making adjustments to the forward lean

angle of the hi-back

● Living Hinge hi-back technology eliminates hardware and weight, allowing for

independent adjustment of your forward lean and hi-back rotation

● Double Take Buckles offer quicker engagement, faster tongue uptake, and fewer

cranks to tighten your straps for vastly improved strength, speed, and ease-of-use

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