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E-Bike ''Build Cost''

E-Bike ''Build Cost''

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Lets us build the bike for you!

Our website prices are the lowest you can find and it comes as a flat pack.

Add this ''item'' for store pickup or local delivery Wollongong

 If you add this build cost to the cart on check out or buy any built bike from the shop floor this is what you get:

We don’t just build the bike we carry out a 10 point safety check:

·      Inspect and assemble all parts to the manufacturers specifications

·      Check and adjust gears / derailleur

·      Check brake ciliper alignment and adjust handle tension and angle

·      Install any accessories such as throttles, pegs, bottle holders and cargo racks

·      Inflate tyres to correct PSI

·      Charge battery and test levels

·      Handle any after purchase warranty claims or questions

·      Included in this fee is our 200km free service

·      Adjust seat height and handlebar height.

·      If you pick up instore or arrange the bike to be dropped to your door we also go over what all the features are of the bike and walk you through the LCD display.

200km free service includes:

Thorough inspection of the bike, grease chain, adjust gears, check tyre pressures, check brake pads and adjust, check every bolt and test ride. Drop the bike back to the shop and we can give it service at no cost.

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