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Giro Jackson MIPS Helmet

Giro Jackson MIPS Helmet

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The modern profile of the new Jackson helmet utilizes the new Passive Aggressive Venting system, inspired by the aerodynamic airflow of high-end autos.

The discreet yet powerful system effectively manages airflow and temperature while in-motion riding, hiking or standing static. The overall look is finished with a slight brim and subtle lines for Seamless Compatibility with Giro goggles. The Jackson Mips® technology, an ultra-lightweight construction and the dialed In Form 2 Fit system allows you to confidently focus on the terrain ahead. Leave no line untracked in the new ultimate freeride helmet.

What makes this helmet tick?

  • Passive Agressive Ventalation: Discreet exterior vent design and interior channeling create optimal airflow and temperature regulation while in motion.
  • Stack Venting: above the goggles to keep them from fogging up
  • Vertical Tuning: helmet can tilt up/down to accomadate different pairs of goggles.
  • Construction: two-piece shell is tough outer shell and polycarbonate inner shell fused to the liner
  • Lightweight: 400g medium helmet
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