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Lib Tech Orca 2024 *PRE-ORDER*

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Scheduled to arrive May 2023 in store

Lib Tech Orca 2024

If it ain't broke..don't fix it!! The 2024 Orca with art by Adam Haynes, looks and rides just like the Dream Board that it is. Spoiler alert: if you haven't watched NST Revelstoke, Travis yet again schools the world in death defing terriain to claim another victory on a combination of Orca and Golden Orca boards. This showcases the versatility of the boards, not just ease of pow float, but power drops and massive spins. These boards rail hardpack like a champion, bash pillows endlessly, floats dense tree's and hacks windlips. You like to freeride, you need an Orca. You like to cruise, you need an Orca. That's just how verstile they are. HP contruct, lightning sintered base, "Whale Tail tech", and just one of the darn funnest boards your going to encounter. Orcas eats all Fish. Apex Preditor, say no more.

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