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Nordica Santa Ana 93 2024

Nordica Santa Ana 93 2024

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Light, powerful, and playful the Santa Ana 93 is the most balanced ski in the collection.

With unmatched versatility, this ski handles both on and off terrain - while providing a balanced and stable feel. And although it loves making fluid turns on groomers, it’s at home anywhere thanks to an entirely new construction and shape. A wood core paired with carbon and a sheet of terrain-specific metal make the ski lighter and easier to maneuver. This fresh design also boosts confidence by enhancing edge hold and dampening vibrations for a smooth and stable ride.

What makes this ski tick?

  • 125 / 93 / 112mm, R = 14.4m @ 158cm length
  • All mountain rocker: 20% rocker tail, 50% camber underfoot, 30% rocker in the tip.
  • ABS sidewalls, full woodcore with carbon fibre integrated inside.
  • GR400 carbon glass as the top layer
  • Ti layer running down the length of the ski (less metal than the 88 version).
  • true tip: the heavy plastic is removed, and just the wood core extends out to the tip
  • Advanced and expert all-mountain skiers will love this ski.
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