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Protest Miikka Pant 23

Protest Miikka Pant 23

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Protest Miikka pant is a smart slim fitting pant part of the PVRE series, loaded with technical features.


With 20K water resistance and 20g breathability, water is dispersed away from the body on the inside while the outside surface is waterproof and windproof. The seams are fully taped. The elastic suspenders help keep your pants in place but can also be removed if desired. The waist can be adjusted by using velcro tabs. There are vent zippers at the pre-shaped leg and also zippers at the ankle so that you can easily get your boots on and off. Ensuring that all you have to worry about is the ride.


What makes this pant tick?

  • Geotech 20.000 series:This number tells you how waterproof your garment is. If the fabric is 20k or 20 000 mm, this means you can place a square tube with inner dimensions of 30mm x 30mm over the garment's outer fabric and you could fill it with water to a height of 20 000 mm before water would begin to seep through. The higher this number, the more waterproof the fabric.

  • Detachable shoulder straps:The suspenders can be detached from these pants. This allows you to change up your look with other suspenders or even without any at all.

  • Ergonomic preshaping: Articulated patterning for an increased range of motion.

  • Fully taped seams:Fully taped seams are where tape is applied to all the garment seams and sealed using heat. For a garment to be highly waterproof the seams need to be treated in this way so to stop water from getting in through the stitching holes of the seam.

  • Stretch:The fabric of this garment is stretchy allowing for all your crazy moves.

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