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Salomon Stage 11 GW

Salomon Stage 11 GW

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The Salomon Stage 11GW

If keeping weight to a minimum is your things, then behold the Salomon Stage 11GW. The lightest DIN 11 binding on the market thanks to the largely fibreglass reinforced polyamide build in both the toe and heel. With a design focus on beginner to intermediate skiers who don't require a full metal binding with the extra weight that comes from that, then the Stage 11 will keep you out of trouble.

What makes this binding tick?

  • DIN 11 Binding
  • 860grams
  • plastic polyamide with reinforced fibreglass construction
  • Wide mounting stance at the toe
  • Fully adjustable from 3-11 DIN - great for a progressing skier


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