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Sherpa Thermal Pant

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Sherpa PCD II Polypropylene Baselayers are ideal in keeping you warm, dry and comfortable.

They have the lowest thermal conductivity of any traditional fabric, allowing your body to retain its natural heat. It does not absorb moisture, so it keeps you dry, while any moisture that is generated is wicked away from the body leaving a warm layer of air next to the skin. PCD II Polypropylene is also very lightweight and extremely quick to dry, making it easy to keep fresh for multi-day users. It is significantly softer than other polypropylenes and is extremely comfortable to wear


What makes this base layer tick?

·      Superior warmth

·      Ultra soft to touch

·      Excellent moisture management

·      Raglan sleeves

·      Easy care (machine washable)

·      Lightweight and comfortable (190 GSM fabric)

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